Download dotCMS the industry leading Open Source Java Content Management System for large and small companies.

Download dotCMS (Open Source CMS)

Downloading dotCMS gives you the dotCMS Community Edition (free, Java, open source, CMS) plus a key to unlock a free, 30-day trial of dotCMS Enterprise Prime (full featured, massively scalable, super powered xCMS). To unlock and activate the Enterprise Prime Edition features, follow the steps below. That's it!

Getting Started

  1. Download dotCMS — Complete the form and download the latest version of dotCMS.
  2. Install dotCMS — It’s fast and easy. Use our Quick Start Guide and you'll be up and running in just a few key strokes.
  3. Activate a Trial License — Login to your dotCMS installation and go to the License Manager (System tab > Configuration > License Manager), click the Request Trial License button and complete the form.
  4. Get to Work! — Now you're ready to move forward, build faster and get farther with your dotCMS content management platform. Have fun and make something cool!

Nightly Builds

Looking for the latest code? Download a packaged build from our nightly builds page. These are generated on a nightly basis by our continuous build process. These builds are provided as unsupported and untested snapshots and may not upgrade cleanly to the next released version.
Nightly Builds

Older Releases

Looking to Download an old version of dotCMS or you need an older version for upgrading.
Older Versions

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