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Social Bookmarks

This macro generates bookmark links to the most popular social bookmarking sites such as Digg, or Reddit. You can choose from more than 10 different sites, including: blinkbits, blinklist, blogmarks, co.mments, connotea,, digg, google, newsvine, reddit, spurl, stumble upon, technorati, wists, yahoo.

Macro Overview:




  • socialBookmarksList

  • The list of social bookmarking sites to display Enter Macro Arguments Here

    Optional Parameters:

    • socialBookmarksSourceCode
      If this variable is set will use the specified vtl to display the Social Bookmarks.
    • onlyIcons
      Set this to true if you don't want to display the labels of the social bookmarking sites. It's set to false by default.


    The macro will generate the links to the chosen sites, given a list of the different bookmarking sites you wish to include.

    Example 1: A simple example using the required fields

    #set ($onlyIcons = "true")
    #set ($socialBookmarksList = ["digg","delicious","yahoo","google","newsvine"])

    Example 2: An example showing how to include one or more of the optional parameters

    #set ($socialBookmarksList = ["digg","delicious","yahoo","google","newsvine"])
    #set ($socialBookmarksSourceCode = "/my_velocity_files/my_bookmarks.vtl")