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Send to a Friend

This macro generates a form to send an article to a friend by email.

Macro Overview:


#sendtofriend (articleText)


  • articleText
    This is the value for Article Text, sent on the email.

Optional Parameters:

  • sendToFriendId
    This is the value of the form div.
  • sendToFriendStyle
    This is the value of the style of the form div. By default it's "display:none;", so the form is hidden
  • sendToFriendCSSClass
    This is the value of the CSS class of the form div.
  • subject
    This is the value for the email subject.


The macro will display a send to friend form

Example 1: A simple example using the required fields

This shows a simple way to call the macro with the required fields

#set($sendToFriendStyle = "display:inline;")
#sendtofriend("This is a Send To Friend test!!!")