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Push Publishing Workflow Action

You may add a Push Publishing Sub-action inside a Workflow Scheme that can be utilized in Push Publishing content as a part of the natural workflow.

Selecting the Remote Publish SubAction 1


Push Publishing content using a Push Publishing Sub-Action

After adding the Sub-action, click on it in the Sub-action list to bring up the options for the Sub-action.

Selecting the Remote Publish SubAction 2

Available Push Publishing options:

The Sub-action has the following options:

PublishSchedule the content to be published on the selected Environment(s) on the selected Publish date.
Force PushBy default, dotCMS uses a cache mechanism for Pushed content to avoid sending content that has not changed since the last time it was Pushed to an Environment. The Force Push option ignores the cache and adds the content to the Publishing Queue regardless if it was modified or not since the last Push.
ExpireSchedule the content to be removed from the selected Environment(s) on the selected Expire date.
Push toList of Environments the content will be Pushed to.

Once a Remote Publish has been scheduled, the Publish and Delete actions can be viewed in the Publishing Queue.

Note: Workflows are automatically Pushed when any Content Types associated with the Workflow are Pushed, because the Workflow is part of the Content Type push publishing dependencies. For more information, please see the Publishing Content Types documentation.