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Pull RSS Feed

This macro will retrieve a RSS Feed and will return it in a list. To help dotCMS be more performant on delivering the external RSS feed, the pull is stored here:


The refresh rate on the pull from the external RSS page can be set in the dotmarketing.config.properties file by placing the following property:


The refresh time is 60 minutes by default, but placing the property here and changing the number of minutes will over-ride the default setting.

Macro Overview:




  • url
    This is the URL where the RSS Feed is located.
  • rssTotal
    Optional: The maximum number of entries retrieved by the macro.
  • rssFilter
    Optional: A list of words that have to be in the title, these words are used to filter the RSS Feed entries.

Optional Parameters:


This macro returns a list with the RSS Feed. The macro will return the data in a variable called $list of contentlets $content.The contentlet"s properties can be displayed by referencing their variable names. So $content.title would display the RSS entry title. There are four variables:

   - title
   - link
   - description
   - pubDate


Example 1: A simple example using the required fields

#set($rssFilter = ["dotcms","dotmarketing"])
#set($rssTotal = 10)
#foreach($content in $list)
   title: $!content.title
   description: $!content.description