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Publishing Pages

Push Publishing of dotCMS Pages requires both an Enterprise license, and the configuration of a Push Publishing connection between the sending and receiving servers.  Pages can be Push Published from an authoring server to a staging/production server in the following ways:

  • Page Edit Mode
  • From the Site Browser
  • From the Content Tab

Pushing Pages from Page Edit Mode

When editing a Page in dotCMS, the "Remote Publish Page" option will appear as long as there is a configured Push Publishing connection.  After clicking on "Remote Publish Page" the following options for Push Publishing will be made available:

  • Push - Push Publish the Page now, or choose a future date/time to publish the Page
  • Remove - Remove the Page from the remote server (completely), now or at a future time/date
  • Push & Remove - Choose dates and times for both the Push publishing & the removal of the Page
  • Force Push - Force the Page to Push Publish, even if no changes to the Page have been made since the last Push Publish
  • Push To - Choose the server to which the Page should be Push Published

Pushing Pages from the Site Browser

From the Site Browser tab, right-click a Page in either the detail area or under "Sites and Folders", then select "Push Publish".  Pages can also be added to a Bundle, then Push Published later from the Site Browser - Publishing Queue.

Pushing Pages from the Content Tab

There are three different ways to Push Publish a Page from the Content Tab:

  1. Right-click and Push Publish on an individual Page in the Content Detail area
  2. Right-click and "Add To Bundle", then Push Publish the Bundle from the Site Browser - Publishing Queue
  3. Select the checkbox to the left of one or more Pages, then click the Push Publish button at the bottom of the Content Detail area to Push Publish multiple pages at once.

For more information about recommended Push Publishing environment setup, please see the What to Know Before Push Publishing documentaton.