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Publishing Content Types

Content Types can be remote published and added to Bundles from Content Type portlet by right clicking on a Content Type, there is an option for  "Push Publishand for "Add To Bundle".

It will save the Content Type and fields in the receiving side. Workflow Scheme is a special case. It will try to use the same schema by ID in the receiving side. If it doesn't exists try by name. If not will leave it in the default scheme.

As of dotCMS 2.5 there is no way to push the Workflow Scheme. The workaround is create them at both sides making sure the names match. The Remote Publish operation can detect the schema and related it.


When a Content Type is pushed the bundle will also ship:

  • Fields
  • Site and Folder where the Content Type lives
  • Relationships
  • Workflow

NOTE: The workflow associated with the Content Type will be shipped with the Bundle, but it is important to clarify that Roles are not shipped with the Bundle. If any of the Actions on the Workflow have a reference to a Role (like the "Who can Use" field), that does not exist in the Receiving side an error on the Push Publishing process will appear.

A workaround for this is to manually move the Roles from server to server querying on the Sender and Receiving Server in the cms_role database table, comparing the results and inserting on the Receiving Server those records that exist on the Sending Server but do not exist on the Receiving one.

Note that this operation will not ship any contentlet from the Content Type. Fields are kept in sync when publishing again after editing. When the field is found new properties are copied and saved. If the field is absent in the receiving side it is created. Any remaining fields not shipped with the Content Type are removed at the receiving side.