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Getting Started

Whether you have extensive experience with content mangement systems or have never used one before, this section gives you all the resources you need to get started. dotCMS is an enterprise-level, open source J2EE/Java Web Content Management System. Combining a user-friendly interface with commercial-grade capabilities, dotCMS represents a simple, yet powerful, web content mangagement solution for organizations of all sizes and scales.

Learn dotCMS from the Ground Up

A majority of the world's largest and best performing websites run on a Java-based platform for true enterprise-level power and performance.  dotCMS is the most powerful Java-based, open source Web Content Management System (wCMS) available on the market today.  But power does not mean complexity.  The basic dotCMS concepts covered in these tutorials will have you handling dotCMS like an expert in a matter of minutes.

If you're ready to get started, let's take dotCMS for a spin.  Enjoy the ride!

What Does dotCMS Do?

Whether you're building websites or web applications that integrate with other systems, dotCMS has the functions and capabilites to help you achieve your goals.

Scalability: dotCMS can easily scale for global implementations. When you are looking for the power of a CMS AND an easy to use WCMS -dotCMS is the ideal product choice. No third party needed for a presentation layer for your content. More than just a fancy WYSIWYG...dotCMS has distinguished itself by integrating the best of both worlds in one product. dotCMS incorporates all of these website management elements into one robust product that few competitors can match:

  • Web-based Content Contribution Stored on ANY Major Database (Oracle, MSSQL, MySQL, Postgres) - dotCMS is database agnostic.
  • Content Authoring in Multiple Languages - Format your content to suit your needs and let dotCMS drive your multi-lingual content across borders.
  • Complete Template and Design Control - Tired of WCMS's that impose templates on you? With dotCMS, off-roading is encouraged. Create your own, import, share...all is possible in dotCMS.
  • Dynamic Content Management - Go auto-pilot and let dotCMS widgets drive new content to your pages daily.
  • Manage Multiple Sites - Copy complete hosts or only select objects such as pages or templates - enjoy multi-site re-purposing of virtually all dotCMS objects.
  • Granular User Permissions - Need a global template manager, site webmaster, or simple content contributor? You have complete user access control from user tabs to content and images.
  • Plugin Architecture - Extend dotCMS functionality easily with plugins. No heavy Java lifting required and you will not risk breaking your upgrade path.

Installing dotCMS

If you want to quickly set up your own local installation of dotCMS, refer to the following complete walk-thu installation video.

How to Use dotCMS

If you are totally new to dotCMS, check out the following tutorials to get comfortable navigating the back-end of the dotCMS and familliarize yourself with the basics of content authoring in dotCMS.

First Steps for a Content Contributor

  1. Logging into dotCMS
  2. Begin Contributing Content
  3. The WYSIWYG Field
  4. Tips on Adding Images
  5. Restoring Page or Content Versions

Create Your Own Sites

If you are a website administrator and already have some experience logging into the back-end of dotCMS, the following tutorials and documents will cover the basics of setting up a site for content contribution and the creation of custom pages and/or web applications.

Building Sites Tutorial

  1. Building Your First Content Type
  2. URL Map : SEO Friendly URLS
  3. Making Your First Template
  4. Menus, Crumbtrails and Sitemap
  5. Upload and Edit via Webdav
  6. Building and Using Forms
  7. Velocity in dotCMS
  8. Creating a Simple Dynamic Listing (Widget)
  9. Adding Fields to a Widget Content Type

There are many different ways to test the powerful features that dotCMS has to offer.  Want to start driving dotCMS right away? Check out our live demo sites:

Open Source Demo  (username: | password: admin) - resets at 12:15PM and 12:15AM (EST [GMT-5]) daily.

Preview More Cool dotCMS Features on our resource videos page

Need Help?

dotCMS has an active user community and mailing list responses are fast, friendly and useful.  The dotCMS Google group is a great way to meet other dotCMS users who have great ideas and a lot of expert advice to offer.