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First Steps

Whether you are new to content management, or just new to the dotCMS, these tutorials will get you up and running quickly on all the basics of content authoring. Each of the tutorials builds upon the previous lesson, so it's a good idea to view each tutorial in order listed above.

Need to demo dotCMS?

No problem, we've got you covered.  Even if you have not installed dotCMS on your own local computer or server, we make it easy to get started by providing you with some dotCMS demo sites that anyone can log into.  Later tutorials also show how to install the dotCMS locally, but for simple content contribution, the demo site is available 24 hours a day*.

Check out our live demo site or download and get started now:

Demo  (username: | password: admin) - *resets at 12PM and 12AM (EST [GMT-5]) daily.