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Adding New Content

This document describes how to add new Content from the Content Tab, although it is also common practice to add new Content while working directly on an HTML page.  For more information, see the Add New Content to an HTML Page documentation.

The Content tab allows you to Search Content, Add/Edit Content, or Import Content by uploading a file.  To add new Content from the Content Search Manager, simply choose a Content Type from the drop down menu (shown right), and click the "Add New Content" button. 

Add New Content

The image below shows a contentlet being added to a "News" Content Type.  Note that the required fields are marked by an orange asterisk to the left of the field name and that fields providing hints for content contribution display a blue, clickable question mark to the right of the field name.

Add News Content

Once the content fields have been filled out, Content contributors can choose to save the new Content using one of three different buttons:

  • Save/Assign - creates a draft/"working" copy and workflow task for the content to be reviewed/edited/published by another dotCMS user
  • Save - saves a draft/"working" copy to be completed/published at a later time
  • Save/Publish - saves a "live" copy of the Content that is immediately availabe for display on HTML pages.
  • Copy - Once the the content has been saved at least once, users can also choose to click on the "Copy" button to create an unpublished duplicate of the contentlet.
  • Cancel - exits the content contribution process without saving.

The fields available for Content submission will vary based upon how your dotCMS Administrator(s) have built and provided permissions over the Content Types that are available on your website.  The Standard Field Types, the WYSIWYG Field, and the Tag and Category Fields are discussed in the following sections in greater detail.