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Searching for an HTML Page

HTML Pages

The HTML Pages option under the Website tab allows users to view, edit, search for, and create HTML pages.  From the HTML Pages portlet you can search for HTML pages using various filter options:

  • Change Host - Click this option and select the host you wish to examing to filter HTML pages by their corresponding website.
  • Filter By Template - Choosing a template will automatically reload the HTML page search filtered by that template, in addition to any other filters already set
  • Keyword Search - Search both the HTML page title and URL fields by typing complete or partial words and clicking "Search" to find matching pages

Clicking on the "Add/Edit HTML Page" link will allow you to add a new HTML page to the website you are working on.  The HTML pages sub-tab also allows users to filter searching for HTML pages on the host by Template, by Host, and by keyword search.

Searching for an HTML Page

The HTML Pages search results display in six columns:

  • Status - displays "Live" for published files and is empty for files that are saved or in working status
  • Page URL - displays the page name that will appear in the URL.  Click on the "Page URL" column heading to re-order search results by page URL
  • Title - title that is displayed if the HTML Page has the "Show on Menu" property.  Click on the "Title" column heading to re-order search results by title
  • Host - displays the host where the HTML page lives
  • Folder - displays the path from the host to the folder where the HTML page resides
  • Mod. Date - displays the date and time of the last modification of the HTML page

Right clicking an HTML page title displays a menu to Preview, Edit, Request a Change (generates workflow task on the page), View Statistics, and Publish, Unpublish, or Archive the page depending on the current status of the HTML page.

For more detailed information, please see the documentation section on HTML Pages.