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Add New Content to an HTML Page

To add content to an HTML page you need to have already created an HTML Page and have it opened.  If you do not have a pre-existing HTML page, but would like to create one, please see the Adding an HTML Page section of our documentation.

Creating/Adding New Content: Click on the "+Add Content" button and a drop down menu will be displayed.  Select "New Content" from the drop down menu, and add content to the fields provided to you by the associated structure.


HTML page content and the HTML Page itself are stored/published separately*.  New content added can be saved using three different buttons:

  • Save - saves a "working" copy of the content that will not display live on any webpage until it is published. Viewable in Edit Mode and Preview Mode only.
  • Save/Assign - saves a "working" copy of the content and opens a new workflow task on the content that can be assigned to another user for review, editing, and/or publishing.  Viewable in Edit Mode and Preview Mode only.
  • Save/Publish - saves a "live" version of the content viewable in Edit, Preview, and Live Mode and on the live HTML Page as long as Permissions have been set properly.
New Content Added

Once you have published the new piece of content you will still need to publish the HTML page to make the new addition of content to the HTML page "live". Use the “Publish Page” button available to you (in Edit Mode only), to force the addition of the new content to publish “live” on your site. Otherwise the addition of your new content will be seen only while in Edit mode on the HTML page. Click on Live Mode to verify that the new content is now publicly viewable on your HTML page. If you do not see the new content in Live Mode after publishing your page, then your content is probably missing the CMS anonymous permission. For more information, please see the documentation on Content Permissions.

Publish Page

*After webpages have been published once with the addition of new or reused content, then any future published changes to that content will automatically reflect "live" on those webpages without having to re-visit the HTML page(s).