Recent Submissions

Script to Remotely Deploy OSGI jar

This is a bash script that will allow you to remotely deploy an OSGi plugin via the command line.  This is helpful when developing remotely

Image gallery that works with file assets and documents

The default version of image-gallery.vtl that comes with dotCMS only works with image files of type Document.  If a folder contains image files...

Handling XML Feeds with Children and Namespaces

The code below is a quick example on how to handle nested children in a simple XML feed and how to handle namespace fields that have a ":" in them.


Date Looping

This is how you can loop over a range of dates in velocity

Insert 500 Contents for Testing

This .jsp script will insert 500 pieces of content, which is a valid test for system performance.

Mobile Detection and Redirection part 2

Simple mobile detection and redirection in dotCMS, taken from:

Auto-scroll to top of page

The home page for one of our sites was loading a lot of content into various containers, much of which was created on the fly by vtl's.  As a result...

Twitter4J Viewtool Example

Just a quick Example of a Twitter4J viewtool.

Checking Load Times of Individual Components in a Page

We recently have been trying to find components (widgets/parsed vtls/containers) that are taking too long to load and could use optimization. One potential...

Tag cloud by Structure and Categories

Tag cloud by Structure and Categories

Adding Categories to Content when Calling Checkin

The code below can be used to add a category by key to a contentlet when calling the checkin method.

Mobile Detection and Redirection

Simple mobile detection and redirection in dotCMS

Publish a Static Copy of Your Site

This is a very simple bash script that demonstrates how one can use the timemachine functionality built into dotCMS to maintain a static copy of your...

Password Custom Field

The following code can be used to add a Password field to a content structure, including a Form.

Take the following steps to add a Password /...

Sample Google Calendar API fetch

A working copy of a JSON fetch from the Google Calendar API.


The most useful resource/page I found was here - it allows you to...

Custom Field - Hiding a Tab based on host

This code is an example of how you can get the host id that a content editor is on, and based on that host ID it will show or hide a tab in the content...

Multi-select custom field

This builds on the codeshare Stephen Bell provided for using a custom field with a select. This uses a multi-select and reads back in multiple values...

Pull a dropdown list (select) of other content into a custom field

Use this code in a custom field, to pull a list of other content into a select field. This code uses the jQuery Javascript library in a way that shouldn't...

Listing Request Attributes

The following code can be used on your site to list all the attributes and values stored in the Request object. It's wrapped with a condition to only...

Display Related Content Listed by Categories in a Multilingual Environment

Sometimes you want to display related content listed and classified by category in a multilingual environment.